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Teeth whitening- Our teeth whitening procedures (also referred to as teeth bleaching) helps to remove stains from coffee, pop, tobacco, wine and everyday use, and gives you a brighter more vibrant smile.


Contact us today to find out about in house whitening with our Zoom Advance Power, capable of brightening up to 8 shades in one 45 minute procedure, or our custom tray (take home) whitening.  Each simple treatment will allow you to achieve the bright and vibrant smile you have always wanted.


Porcelain veneers- Make you smile whiter and more symmetrical with porcelain veneers from Southern Ohio Smiles.  Correct minor mal-alignment, chips, cracks, crooked, or gapped teeth. This is a two appointment procedure that can transform your smile and give you the look you have dreamed about.


Crowns- crowns can repair a tooth that otherwise would be unrestorable with conventional fillings.  Our crowns can blend into your other teeth seamlessly, matching in both form and color.  We can also provide restorations for dental implants.  We work closely with local Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons to get your dental implants placed and restored.


Bridges- Fill in a gap where a tooth used to be without the time and financial investment of an implant.  Custom made bridges can improve chewing, speech and give you back your youthful smile.


Fillings-  At Southern Ohio Smiles you can get both the economical and long lasting silver fillings or tooth colored fillings. 


Comprehensive care- At Southern Ohio Smiles we take great pride in being able to provide preventative and comprehensive dental care.  We provide cleanings, sealants, regular complete exams, and more.  Our staff has the experience to keep your mouth healthy and attractive.


Complete and partial dentures- We can restore your dentition with custom made complete or partial dentures.  Our dentures are made of top of the line materials that are guaranteed to be made from the finest materials available.


Endodontics- Also known as root canal treatment.  Removal of infected and diseased tooth pulp can save a tooth that is painful  or sensitive in your mouth.


Oral surgery- Tooth extractions are performed with local anesthesia.  Most of your tooth extraction needs can be met by our experienced staff.  If your needs are outside of our expertise, we work closely with many oral surgeons that can provide you with the treatment you require.




All of the dental prosthetic devices made by Southern Ohio Smiles are made in the USA and only with  FDA approved materials. 

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